Gloria Zea

Without a doubt, the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá is a setting in which our community finds, through art, spaces that inspire thought and knowledge in thematic contexts that concern all of us and form part of our history.

On this occasion, we present an incomparable show, an exhibit whose subject matter dealing with the armed conflict needs to be understood and seen from all sides and by all Colombians. THE WAR WE HAVE NOT SEEN is a narration through art of a single part of the war we have lived with for so many years. The show allows us to see the conflict from the perspective of those who have taken up arms, who have tortured or been tortured, of the main actors in the armed conflict in our country. It is the result of a process conducted by the Fundación Puntos de Encuentro, aimed at constructing memory from the history of our conflict and at providing those directly involved in the conflict with a chance to testify about their experiences.

The show, consisting of works that faithfully represent personal stories, tales unheard until now, brought to us through art, is one in which no painting is judged based on technique or the painter’s abilities. Painting was, for these creators –ex-combatants from the Farc, Auc and Eln, troops and wounded soldiers from the Ejército Nacional– a means of narrating their untold stories.

On behalf of the Museum and myself, I would like to acknowledge and recognize the work done by the Fundación Puntos de Encuentro, its Board of Directors and collaborators with this young people and I extend a very warm invitation to the public to visit this exhibit and discover the harsh stories on display, and to participate in the educational activities we have programmed so that we may perhaps see the war through different eyes and change our society.

Translated from Spanish by Sally Station