Cemetery of the Virgin




Ex-combatant of the National Liberation Army - ELN-. Joined at the age of 31, remained in the group for 1 year.

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When the FARC arrives, they take control of the area [Tambo, Cauca]. This was hard for me because I was very young then. They arrived and started killing people. This is a cliff up the river. They arrived, took the people out of the cars and then killed them. It was like pushing a rock downwards.

This happened close to the Huisitó river [Cauca] . There was where I witnessed it. I do not remember the year or the month. What I do remember, was that the Holy Virgin was built when the road reached Huisitó. I imagine that they, the inhabitants of the village, did it as a symbol, to show to the people that perhaps it was better not to kill anymore. Since it was impossible to speak, then they could do it through the Holy Virgin.

That is why I say this is the cemetery or the Virgin Mary. This mountain has many corpses. They have not been brought to light: they are missing. So many people were being killed in the area, and are still being killed!

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Vinyl paint on MDF

105 x 150 cm

B040 - 0117


Disappearance Territorial control

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