Collapse of dreams and patrimony




Ex-combatant of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia –FARC-EP–. Joined at the age of 23, remained in the group for 3 years.

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This is around the Caquetá River, in a village called Palizadas, Caquetá.

It was a village where despite the poverty; the people were able to build a town.

The guerrillas decided to surveil some of the people who lived there. It happened that they found a man, Fabio Plazas was his name. He was the butcher, and there was a rumor that he was a paramilitary. He had three sons, a girl and lived with a woman.

The order was to kill him.

He was killed at six in the afternoon in the village; everybody saw when he was killed. They shot him with a guacharaca [pump-action shotgun], some big shots. They shattered his head. At his wake, they had to tie his head and put a container under the coffin to collect the blood.

Two days after he was buried, commander Marcial gathered the townspeople, and told them that many more people would die.

Nothing was left in that town, they left everything behind. It became a ghost town.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

105 x 235 cm

B061 - 0458


Burial / mass graves Execution Siege Vengeance Wake

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