Crime against innocents




Ex-combatant from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - FARC-EP-. Joined when she was 16 years old and remained there 3 years.

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This small town is called El Remanso, close to Salamina in Caquetá.

This is a school, and this person is a teacher… Teresa is her name. She came to teach because there were hardly any teachers there and people in that town got together to get a teacher.

Commander Norbey had set his eyes on her. The teacher was supposedly a ¨snitch¨ for the army because she had a nephew who was on active military duty.

The nephew came to spend a few days there, to visit his aunt; apparently, she had raised him.

The commander ordered that they should tie her up and her nephew also. Regardless of how much the people in the village pleaded on their behalf, nothing changed his mind…

When he captured the teacher and ther nephew, Norbey told the people in the village that if any of them had a son who was thinking of going into in the army, they should think twice before doing so… or else they better leave town with all of their belongings.

He was very angry. He ordered the teacher and the nephew to be killed. The boy was around 19 years old. He had been on military duty for a very short time.

They took the teacher away. She was still tied up. I had to go with them. I was behind the boy. I felt like I wanted to free him. I felt bad… one knows when a person is innocent.

The guy who was guarding her, his nickname was ¨Chigüiro;¨ she asked him if he had any siblings, if he had any children, if he had a mother. “I don´t have siblings, I don´t have a mother, I don´t have anything” Chigüiro screamed. He was the one who shot her. He was very close to commander Norbey.

They raped the teacher first and then they killed her and they also killed the boy and they left them both by the riverside.

Norbey didn´t allow us take them out of there. They were left there in El Remanso… The teacher´s husband had to bury them both in a single hole.

And that school was closed down.

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