Death of four students for doing their school homework




Ex-combatant of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -FARC-EP-. Joined at the age of 16, remained in the group for 10 years.

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It just so happened that these kids in white uniform are four school kids, four students, from a little village called San Josè del Fragua, in Caqueta. They were about to graduate.

That day they had to run an errand for which they had to go to Sabaleta.

There was a guerrilla camp here, and these four kids had not asked for permission to come into town. So they took them and tied them up and kept them tied up for three whole days.

They cried bitterly, there were two boys and two girls. They kept on asking why they were being tied up like that, why they were being held…. they had done nothing wrong, nothing to deserve this, all they wanted was to graduate from school, move forward in life, and finish their studies so they could work and help their families.

Their families came and joined the clamor to have them released. They went to the council members of the town, which angered the guerrilla, so they proceeded to kill all four of them.

I am soft-hearted, so I cried, but you cannot let people see you cry, because if they catch you crying, they really punish you hard.

The town’s people picked up the two boys and the two girls and sent them back to their families, but they were already dead.

That spot, over there, right next to where they killed them, well… it’s sort of haunted. It is said you can hear the kids crying, moaning… at night, strange sounds can be heard, whistle like sounds….

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Vinyl paint on MDF

100 x 175 cm

B038 - 0355


Execution Territorial control Torture

Armed group: