Forced to become a criminal




Ex-combatant from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - FARC-EP-. Joined when she was 16 years old and remained there 3 years.

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This is me, and this is Fermin, and this is my cousin Beto.

My cousin Beto and I had been in the Farc for a year. It turns out that my cousin had malaria. He had to be on duty, and twice, he wasn’t able to, and since he disobeyed they tied him up. Commander Antonio gave the order.

My cousin Beto spent three months tied up. And I was ordered to be his guard, when he told me: “Why don’t you let me go, and we both would escape?” But Fermin came, and he was listening, and he went and told comrade Antonio that Beto was going to escape and that I was thinking of letting him go.

They held a war council and after eight days the commander gave the order that I have to shoot him. It was very hard for me to kill my cousin. I cried … I wanted to kill myself and Beto wouldn’t let me. He did not let me. I spent like about an hour there, and he, before he fell, laid down for me to kill him, and he said: “Do it, cousin!”

I had to dig the hole and bury him.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

70 x 100 cm

B058 - 0368


Burial / mass graves Execution Self-portrait Torture War advisory

Armed group: