Humiliating black people




Ex-combatant of the National Liberation Army - ELN-. Joined at the age of 31, remained in the group for 1 year.

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That was around 1990, during the gold boom in these places. I was, more or less, sixteen or seventeen . This is Honduras, Betania, and Agua Clara. Most of these places are inhabited by black people from the Buenaventura area. They extracted gold and sold it. There was a lot of money because of the gold…

The FARC notices that, so they come to this territory and start scaring and humiliating the black people. They would see a rifle or these armed people and they would tremble. If the orders from the FARC were not obeyed, they started killing the people.

This is the Huisitó River [Cauca] and this is the Plateado River. They killed the people and threw them into the water. How many people came down in this river and in the Huisitó River… the people who know have no way of telling what has happened in these places!

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Vinyl paint on MDF

140 x 150 cm

B040 - 0190


Disappearance Execution

Armed group: