Infernal massacre




Ex-combatant of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia –FARC-EP–. Joined at the age of 23, remained in the group for 3 years.

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That is La Novia, a town in Caqueta.

There was a guerrilla camp close to town and there was a paramilitary group around there; they wanted to ambush the guerrilla camp.

When the “guerilleros” realized that the paramilitary group was close, they had the town emptied; everyone left town, only the guerrilla and the paramilitary remained. There was a horrible massacre, many people died, mostly paramilitary people.

Once the confrontation was over, the guerrilla wanted to explore and see if anyone had survived the attack, but only dead bodies were found, and body parts strewn all over. Amid the carnage, a survivor was found… both his legs were broken, and there were worms and flies all over his legs.

They took him to camp and presented him to captain Norbey who asked him to blow the whistle on everything he knew. “If you do,” said Captain Norbey, “we will take care of your wounds and rid you of all those worms.” Thanks to the info he gave them, they found and shot three people in town who worked with the paramilitary groups.

They put that young boy in a cache; he couldn’t sleep, nor eat; he was desperate and kept on screaming…

Some guerrilla members said to the commander that if he was not going to provide relief for this prisoner, could they kill him, so he would not suffer any more. But he would just answer “Just leave him there, he had it coming to him, let him suffer…he is only paying back what he owes.”

Toward the end, the commander sarcastically said…. “Well… if you want to, go help him….” Some guerrilla members did try to help him, but in their haste to cure him of the worms, they used some worm poison on him, the kind that is used on cattle. They did not realize it should be absorbed through skin pores. Next morning, around 8:00 AM he died.

For three days he had to witness how the worms just ate him up.

All those people who were killed in that fight, were just left there, no one picked them up, they just rotted… right there where they had been killed. The animals ate what was left of them and after a while, all you could see was skulls.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

105 x 150 cm

B061 - 0405


Combat Massacre Torture Vengeance

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