Kidnapping of an innocent person

Carlos Mario (Caliche)


Carlos Mario (Caliche)

Ex-combatant of the United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia -AUC-. Joined at the age of 16, remained in the group for 5 years.

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This was a female teacher in Eastern Antioquia, and this is my self-portrait. This little tree is a coca plant. I made it for her to celebrate Christmas. I am going to bring it to her and tie it on one side of her tent.

I became a close friend of hers. She cried a lot, and she used to tell me about her two kids. She was about 30 years old. The commander thought she was an ideologue of subversion. She was held hostage for three months.

The commander used to get into her tent and abuse her. He held her just to have sex. He decided to kill her because maybe she would snitch on who he was. He could not shoot her because of the noise, the FARC guerrila was around. The commander himself killed her with a knife. I had to dig the hole for her.

To forget those stories, one has to die.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

140 x 100 cm

C010 - 0162


Burial / mass graves Disappearance Execution Kidnapping Rape

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