My first mutilation




Ex-combatant from the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia - AUC. He entered the AUC when he was 21 years old and remained there 4 years.

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This happened around San Carlos (Antioquia).

I joined the group (AUC), and I was brand new. I was about twenty one years old, more or less… “We are going to test this guy, to see if he is able to do things,” they said.

The first time I had to do it I was pale and scared and shaking… It was like: “bring a calf for him to behead it.”

I grabbed its heart and squeezed it and I thought; “Err, but, it’s that, one depends on this little thing.”

To see that he is a human being because one has a heart as well… and to have to quarter it.

That becomes like a routine, normal, like something from everyday life.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

100 x 175 cm

C007 - 0304


Execution Self-portrait Torture

Armed group: