Sonia’s capture




Ex-combatant from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - FARC-EP-. He entered FARC-EP when he was 17 years old and remained there 7 years.

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This is Peñas Coloradas del Caguan, Caqueta.

Sonia was in charge of the finances in the southern block, the FARC’s finances. Sonia was here in this house. She had been having lunch with her brother and had decided to spend the night there.

There was a ‘guy’ who was working with the army; he was paid fifty million pesos to make a call to nail Sonia down.

I happened to be in that village. Back then I was a clandestine militiaman. You could hear the crossfire and the helicopters making a hell of an uproar. That operation was at eleven o´clock at night.

Over here, she was being held at gunpoint so she put her gun down, raised her hands, and was captured.

This town was deserted… nothing… no civilians, everything´s gone, only the military remained. The jungle took over everything.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

175 x 150 cm

B016 - 0150


Drug trafficking

Armed group: