The camp with a feast

Henry Caliche


Henry Caliche

Ex-combatant of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -FARC-EP-. Joined at the age of 16, remained in the group for 12 years.

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This is the Old Year dummy, stuffed and ready to go up in flames on New Year’s Eve. It says there, ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2000-2001, are the wishes of FARC-EP’.

This is me over there, wounded in the leg, by the canteen. I had been hit right here in the leg. They gave me no other food except for buñuelo (fried bun) and coffee because I was ill and stuffed pork or barbecued beef would be irritants for my leg.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

50 x 105 CM

B015 - 0093


Camp Self-portrait

Armed group: