The massacre of ten soldiers of P10

Óscar Javier


Óscar Javier

Retired soldier from the National Army of Colombia. Joined when he was 18 years old and remained there 7 years.

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This happened in El Catatumbo, Norte de Santander, around the Sardinata River. There the guerrilla is in control.

First they fired at the soldiers who were up in the “cambuche.” The other soldiers were ambushed further down. We killed ten soldiers and they took seven rifles, an M-602, a RPG3, two MGLs4 and a mortar.

We were about three kilometers away from where they were, when we arrived … There was a bomb, they blew up the bridge and three of our soldiers fell there.

We killed four guerrilla combatants who were in civilian clothes and took three guerrilla members who gave us information to kill “La Charly,” their commander.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

140 x 250 cm

A052 - 0413


Combat Execution

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