The school experience

Andrés Ñ


Andrés Ñ

Ex-combatant of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia -AUC-. Joined at the age of 18, remained there for 4 years.

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This is when I joined the Self-Defence Forces (AUC). This is the school where children studied; here is a store, and in here we were trained. At lunchtime we were sent to that house, over there. We ate and came back, and we lined up again. We spent the whole day training. One day a comrade ran away, and since he got caught, they made us gather and a commander dismembered him alive for all of us to see, and to understand how defectors/deserters were handled the Self-Defence Forces (AUC).

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Vinyl paint on MDF

35 x 50 cm

C008 - 0017


Desertion Initiation to war Mutilation Torture

Armed group: