Wake for the guerrilla girl

Carlos G.


Carlos G.

Retired soldier from the National Army of Colombia. Joined when he was 18 years old and remained there 8 years.

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Look, she is the same age as my daughter. “Let’s do something for her, let’s say a prayer because I see my daughter in her.’ That’s what the lieutenant said.

We made a stretcher for her. Then, a soldier came with a sheet. Her face was cleaned up, her hands were cleaned up, and she was all set up. Then, we looked for the candles, the people got us the candles and we had a wake for her.

Her hair was like wavy, curly, she was a pretty girl. She didn’t close her eyes completely. They stayed like closed halfway.

She had rubber boots and she had wrapped around them some colored ribbons.

At the time in which we recovered her body there were no support personnel to get her out. We had to stay with her there all night, in the village between Fortul and Saravena (Arauca). We put a guard; we put a soldier on duty that night to look after her.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

70 x 100 cm

A076 - 0545



Armed group: