What impressed me when I joined the AUC




Ex-combatant from the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia - AUC. He entered the AUC when he was 21 years old and remained there 4 years.

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It took place in a village near the town of San Carlos (Antioquia). The kid over there, the one they are going to kill is 15 years old.

They took him to a sugar cane plantation, then the guy who was going to shoot him… the kid looked at him into the eyes and he was crying asking him not to kill him… I felt tight and then the man said: “Why didn’t you think things over carefully before coming here” and he shot him and then the others were in charge of dismembering him, they made a hole and buried him there.

It was the first time I saw someone being dismembered. This was what impressed me most.

At the time you could not ask permission to leave the group because if you asked for it you were killed. The permission to leave was given to him in the hole… 15 years old and he was barely beginning to live. And today his mother is still waiting for him… because some of his friends, from the organization (AUC), knew he had been killed and that the mother frequently asked them: “and where is my son?”

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Vinyl paint on MDF

35 x 50 cm

C007 - 0022


Disappearance Execution Initiation to war Mutilation

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