A death foretold




Ex-combatant from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - FARC-EP-. Joined -FARC-EP-at the age of 14 years old and remained there 8 years.

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A lady had a restaurant and when we went to the village of Zabaleta (Caquetá) we would eat at her restaurant.

‘Look, the paramilitaries have you on a list because you collaborate with the guerrillas,’ she had been told and the lady did not believe it.

The paramilitaries were making a roundup on the bridge. And this lady who was on the list, they decapitated her.

I saw when they threw her head into the river. The only thing that saved me that day was that I was dressed as a civilian and I wasn’t on the list.

When the paramilitaries were gone, we searched for the lady’s head and her husband was the one to find it.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

100 x 140 cm

B059 - 0389


Execution Mutilation

Armed group: