Mutilation of a young campesina




Ex-combatant of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -FARC-EP-. Joined at the age of 16, remained in the group for 10 years.

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This happened in Caqueta, in an area near Puerto Bello.

That girl who is tied was her mother’s only child. It was only her and her daughter. She did not have a husband.

People say the girl started dating an Army soldier.

The guerrillas found out and warned her and her mother.

They started following the girl and then one day they saw her talking to a soldier. She claimed he was just a friend.

That wasn’t good enough for them and they went to get her. When they arrived, she was not at home and the mother asked why they were looking for her and they told her that they had orders to kill the girl.

The woman tried to run and warn her daughter, but they grabbed her and tied her from the neck and the waist.

They found the girl, tied her and brought her back. Her death was horrendous because they did not shoot her. They cut her in pieces. The one who did it was a man they called “the Devil”. He quartered her, cut her arms, her head, chopped her into pieces.

She was then put in a bag and they ordered a neighbor to deliver the bag to the alleged boyfriend, the soldier, with the message that if he loved her that much, then he could try putting her back together.

A week later perhaps, the poor desperate woman buried her daughter’s quartered body. Next day she was no longer there. She went away, leaving everything behind.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

70 x 100 cm

B038 - 0513


Burial / mass graves Execution Mutilation Torture Vengeance

Armed group: