Operation Berlin




Retired soldier from the National Army of Colombia. Joined at the age of 21, remained in the group for 17 years.

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This area is called Los Tambos. It extends upwards along the Sumapaz. This was the beginning of Operation Berlin which started on the border of Meta and Cundinamarca and spread all the way to Norte de Santander. This operation lasted for about two months.

I sort of wish I could be there again, my blood boils when I think of it….I have witnessed many deaths, fellow fighting men whose lives were taken.

While working on this painting, my mind is transported back to when things happened…
I cannot go back there in person, but my mind can, so suddenly, there I am, if only with my thoughts and with my heart, but I feel I am with my fellow combatants, I think of them, I remember them.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

175 x 200 cm

A048 - 0324



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