Vengeance without limits and nature as witness

Carlos Mario (Caliche)


Carlos Mario (Caliche)

Ex-combatant of the United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia -AUC-. Joined at the age of 16, remained in the group for 5 years.

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This happened in a municipality in the north of Santander, close to the Catatumbo River.

These two young men stole a motorcycle. The guy from whom the motor bike was taken kept on telling them… “You don’t know who you are messing with.”

The guys started hitting him with the butt of the gun and they beat him up badly, then they laid him down by the wayside and one of them raped him!

This young man’s dad was a cattle rancher and had close ties with the paramilitaries (AUC). He offered a reward of 20 to 25 million pesos to anyone who would capture the guys who had stolen the motorbike.

The two guys were riding along on the motorbike one day, when they came across a check point set up by the paramilitares (AUC). They stopped and captured them.

The young man’s dad ordered his men to rape them.

They stuck the tube of a rifle up the rectum of the one guy and kept on asking him: “How do you like this you miserable faggot? Because if you like it, I will just keep on shoving it up your ass all night…”

When the commander got tired of doing this, he shot him.

The other man had both hands chopped off, and he bled to death.

The commander refrained from giving order to bury them and said, ” Just inform them to take these shits out of here.”

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Vinyl paint on MDF

140 x 200 cm

C010 - 0472


Execution Rape Torture Vengeance

Armed group: