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Ex-combatant of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -FARC-EP-. Joined at the age of 16, remained in the group for 3 years.

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This is the story of ‘Cortico’, a very fierce Farc member, strong and trusted. He was bulky, rather fair skinned and short. People said he had killed 49 persons.

He was shot in the chest with a shotgun and they cut his head. The body was spiked on a pole for all to see. The army played ball with his head.

According to the soldiers in Piamonte, Cauca, after they did that, strange things began to happen.

At night, a cow would be seen flying and scared the hell off of those who were on guard. No one would want to stand guard because of this cow and the chill that overpowered them.

The commanders claimed they were cowards, … “what is that tale… a cow´s apparition?”

“If you’ll allow us, please stand guard tonight and see for yourself” said the soldiers. And yes, the commander stood guard and when the flying cow made its appearance, he fled from his post.

So he sent for the relatives who took the head away some two weeks later, and that was the end of all the disturbing events.

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Vinyl paint on MDF

100 x 175 cm

B014 - 0514


Execution Mutilation

Armed group: